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Letnes – accommodation out of the ordinary

Denne bildekrusellen krever javaskript.

Letnes is a family owned farm located at Inderøya, an idyllic municipality in the county of Nord-Trøndelag. The dairy farm, with its direct closeness to the fjord, is a small free-range farm where the cattle and sheep spend lazy summer days out in the fields.

Letnes farm can provide accommodation to suit a range of needs:

«Husmannsplassen Wigen» – Cabin by the fjord: brand new (built 2018) cabin for rent by the seaside. Room for up to 12 people. All facilities for comfortable living. skjermbilde-2018-06-01-kl-09-39-56.png

Spettespiret” – a wooden cabin surrounded by nothing but the fjord, the treetops and a great variety of Norwegian birds. Enjoy the calmness of the woods while taking in the scenery, watch the amazing starlit sky on a winter night or experience the brightness of Norwegian summer nights. How about a barbeque while watching the sunset, spending the night outside on the porch – or perhaps a late night in the wood fired hot tub?

033 (2)DSC_0024

Meisereiret – a separate apartment with room for eight people, complete with its own kitchen, heated bathroom and living room containing a functioning fireplace – located in the annex of the farm’s main building. Perfect for those who want a taste of the farm life! Accommodation here is also suitable for those who are in need of a place to sleep due to participation in weddings, confirmations or other events.


  • Fishing boat for rent
  • A lean-to right by the fjord. Great for a barbeque after fishing or bathing.
  • Sheep with lambs (lambs are seasonal).
  • Experience a farmer’s life by joining their daily chores in the barn; see happy cows, strong oxen and playful calves.
  • Guided tour of the farm, including tumuli from early middle age.
  • Great opportunities for hiking
  • Rent a canoe
  • Perfect way to de-stress and relax in an environment of fresh air and beautiful, Norwegian nature.
  • Experience the best milk in the world – straight from the cow!

Husmannsplassen Wigen» (Cabin by the fjord)Price per night (NOK)

Weekend (fri-sun): 3600,-
Whole week (7 days): 7000,-
Mon-thu: 3600,-
Single night: 2500,-

Single night: 1200,-
Whole week (7 days): 7000,-
Made bed (per bed): 200,-
Cleaning after stay: 700,-


Owners Grete and Magne Letnes
Address Letnesvegen 409, 7670 Inderøy
Telephone Grete 92 20 62 94
Telephone Magne 90 53 64 42
E-mail post@letnes.com
Links Fuglekassen (accomodation in Inderøy)
Inderøy Kommune (Inderøy municipality)


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